What is Language Mentor ?


It's a Free
Language Learning App

  • You can download it from the Play Store or the iPhone App Store.
  • Currently Language Mentor offers German and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

It's an
Open Platform

  • Anyone can create lessons for any language and publish them to the entire world.
  • Creating lessons is fairly straightforward - see this video for a quick overview.

It's an Audio-Centric App
that you can use
while your Hands & Eyes
are Busy Doing Other Things

Language Mentor creates free study time within your busy day. Because it's audio-centric it allows you to study while you walk, jog, stretch, clean, cook, etc.

What It's ... Not


It's Not the Be-All and End-All
of Language Learning

As a language learner, you already know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to learning a language. Instead, you need to mix and match a variety of resources that best match your situation and learning style. Instead of trying to do everything, Language Mentor tries to do a couple of things well:

  • It creates additional study time where none existed before.
  • It offers an open platform with the potential to make a virtually unlimited number of lessons available for any language.

It's Not a
"Fully Immersive Experience"

  • No Images
  • No Video
  • No dynamic plot lines that change based on the choices that you make

These are all great features. We encourage you to find resources that incorporate them. They just don't fit into the Mentor's mission, which is to be an app that you can use while your hands and eyes are busy doing other things.


It's Not

This is sad. In its heart, the Mentor yearns to be trendy. But it's not - it's just a simple app that will help you learn a language more quickly and efficiently.

Still Curious?

Here's a bit more detail...

Language Mentor simply takes a good idea - audio-based language learning courses on CDs - and improves on them.  Because it's software rather than a CD it can offer some important advantages...


"Chunks" and "Learning Modes"

Lessons are divided into "chunks". Each chunk consists of a word, a phrase, or a sentence. Language Mentor makes it easy to repeat chunks, skip forward and back, etc.

For each chunk Language Mentor presents some combination of:

  • Target Language Audio
  • Native Language Audio
  • Pauses, which allow you to practice the chunk's content

Learning Modes simply arrange these elements in different ways. For example...

  • An "Introductory" learning mode plays each chunk in your native language, then in the target language, then gives you time to repeat it.
  • A "Translation Practice" learning mode plays each chunk in one language, gives you time to attempt to translate it, then plays the correct translation and allows you to repeat that.
  • A "Review" learning mode simply plays the target language audio for each chunk.

Record & Playback

Language Mentor's "Record & Playback" option allows you to review and perfect your pronunciation.


Text Display

While our goal is to help you learn while your eyes are busy doing other things, we also give you the option to view each chunk's text.


"I Know This" Button

Language Mentor's best feature! Once you've learned a chunk, simply tap the I Know This button. Language Mentor will stop drilling you on that chunk so that you can focus on the chunks that remain.

This simple feature results in a surprising increase in learning efficiency.

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