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New German Lesson: Grammar: The Question Word "Wessen" and the Genitive

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We're excited to announce that Nina Freebird of Vocal Creations Berlin has just published "Grammar: The Question Word "Wessen" and the Genitive", a new Beginner level German language lesson, on Language Mentor! 

Lesson Script

 The Question Word "Wessen" and the Genitive

Das Fragewort "Wessen" und der Genitiv

The German question word "Wessen" is the only question word in German that asks for the genitive case. Therefore the genitive case will be introduced to you in the answers to the questions with 'Wessen' in this lesson.

Whose car is this?
Wessen Auto ist das?

This is Sarah's car.
Das ist Sarahs Auto.

Whose pants is he wearing?
Wessen Hose trägt er?

Those are my brother's pants.
Das ist die Hose meines Bruders.

Whose flowers are these?
Wessen Blumen sind das?

Those are his sister's flowers.
Das sind die Blumen seiner Schwester.

Whose bicycle is she riding?
Wessen Fahrrad fährt sie?

That is her friend's bicycle.
Das ist das Fahrrad ihrer Freundin.

Whose phone number is that?
Wessen Telefonnummer ist das?

That is your father's phone number.
Das ist die Telefonnummer deines Vaters.

Whose sister is that?
Wessen Schwester ist das?

That is Hans' sister.
Das ist Hans' Schwester.

Whose guitar is he playing?
Wessen Gitarre spielt er?

It is his friend's guitar.
Es ist die Gitarre seines Freundes.

Whose song are you guys playing right now?
Wessen Song spielt ihr gerade?

It's the Beatles' song.
Es ist der Song der Beatles.

Whose dogs are playing in the garden?
Wessen Hunde spielen im Garten?

They are my parents' dogs.
Es sind die Hunde meiner Eltern.

Whose car are formal you driving?
Wessen Auto fahren Sie?

It's my husband's car.
Es ist das Auto meines Mannes.

Whose kids are at Sarah's?
Wessen Kinder sind bei Sarah?

They are her brother's kids.
Es sind die Kinder ihres Bruders.

Whose friend is coming today?
Wessen Freundin kommt heute?

Her kids' friend is coming today.
Die Freundin ihrer Kinder kommt heute.

Whose son are you?
Wessen Sohn bist du?

I am his son.
Ich bin sein Sohn.

Whose sisters are you guys?
Wessen Schwestern seid ihr?

We are Hans' sisters.
Wir sind Hans' Schwestern.

Whose water is this?
Wessen Wasser ist das?

That is his brother's water.
Das ist das Wasser seines Bruders.

Whose mother are formal you?
Wessen Mutter sind Sie?

I am Sarah's and Sam's mother.
Ich bin Sarahs und Sams Mutter.

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