We're happy to announce that we've just released the Android and iOS versions of Chinese Language Mentor and German Language Mentor.

But wait - while these new apps are listed as separate apps on the respective app stores, they're precisely the same as the "universal" Language Mentor app, except for the fact that the target language, i.e. the language that will be studied, has been pre-selected.

So, why bother? Why not simply let the user select "Chinese" or "German" in the universal version of Language Mentor?

Our goal is to make it easier for learners to find the app. Very few people search for "language mentor" in the app stores. Why would they?  :)  But lots of people search for "Chinese language" and "German language".

It will be interesting to watch the statistics for all three apps - Chinese, German and Universal - and see how many times each is installed. We'll post an update in a few months!