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This page explains how you can let your users know about your library, and how they can enter this information in Language Mentor.

Once Language Mentor has been told about a library, it can automatically check for new and updated lessons, and/or the user can manually initiate the check/download process. We go into more detail on these features below.

Two Entry Modes

Users can tell Language Mentor about your library in two ways:

  • By typing in your library's URL.
  • By scanning a QR Code that contains the URL.

Your Library's URL

Your library's URL is simply the location of the library's main folder (the folder that contains the library XML file and subfolders).

For example, if your website is at, and you have a library located at /libraries/english, the URL would be

Giving Your URL To Your Users

How should you give the library URL to your users? This depends on your situation:

  • You can publish the URL on your website and make the library available to the entire world.
  • You can email it to a group, or an individual.
  • Etc.

As mentioned, you can either provide the URL as text or as a QR code. In general, QR codes are much more convenient for users. We encourage you to use them. How does one create a QR code? Try googling "create QR code". You'll find a number of websites that will do it for free.

Private Libraries? Not Really...

Be aware that at this point there isn't really any such thing as a "private" library. Language Mentor has no mechanism for limiting access to libraries. Anyone who obtains your library's URL will be able to access its lessons.

Entering The URL - Or Scanning The QR Code - In Language Mentor

Start up the Language Mentor app on your mobile device. Then, from the Home screen, go to More > Manage Libraries > Add Lesson Libraries. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Also, new users have the option to do this in Language Mentor's setup screens the first time they start the app.

Enabling Automatic Downloads (Or Not) In Language Mentor

From the Home screen go to More > Manage Downloads > Automatic Downloads. This screen allows you to enable or disable automatic downloads.

You can also do this in Language Mentor's setup screens.

If you disable this option, you'll need to manually initiate lesson downloads as explained below.

Manually Initiating Downloads

You may want to manually initiate downloads for a couple of reasons:

  • You've disabled automatic lesson downloads. If you don't do manually initiate downloads, no lessons will be downloaded. 
  • You're a lesson author and would like to test a newly published lesson. Language Mentor's automatic downloads only happen once an hour, and you can speed things up by initiating downloads.

Here's how: From the Home screen go to More > Manage Downloads > Start Lesson Downloads.


If you have questions about the lesson creation process, please contact us on our Creating Lessons forum. We're here to help.

What's Next?

Next we'll explain how to update lessons.

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