Updating Lessons

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This page gives some pointers on updating your lessons. Unlike previous pages, we don't explain this process in great detail. There are simply too many possible ways in which you might want to modify your lessons for us to provide detailed instructions. Essentially, you simply need to understand how lessons are constructed as explained on previous Creating Lessons pages. Once you thoroughly understand this, you'll understand how they can be modified.

That said, here are a few points that you should bear in mind...

Modifying Chunks

When we say "modifying chunks" we're referring to a number of different things:

  • Adding chunks
  • Removing chunks
  • Changing the text that is displayed for chunks
  • Changing chunk audio - both target and native language audio

Be aware that if you do any of these things, you may need to modify both audio files and the chunk elements in the lesson XML. For example, if you're changing the target language audio you may need to modify the corresponding XML as well.

But this isn't always the case. For example, if a chunk's text has a typo, there's no need to change the corresponding audio.

Modifying Audio

As explained on the Create/Edit Audio Files page, we recommend that you do all audio editing by editing WAV format audio files. If you're using this approach, and your update includes audio changes, you'll need to batch-recreate the MP3 audio files for your lesson.

And, Of Course ...

  • You'll create a new lesson ZIP file.
  • You'll replace both the lesson ZIP file and lesson XML file on the web server, as explained on the Assembling Language Lessons and Publish pages.
  • You'll update the lesson's version in the appropriate lesson list XML file as explained on the Lesson List XML Files page.
  • You'll upload the revised lesson list XML file to the server, so that Language Mentor will know that the lesson has been updated.


If you have questions about the lesson creation process, please contact us on our Creating Lessons forum. We're here to help.

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