What is a "Chunk"?

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We use the term "chunk" in a couple of different ways.

In the most generic sense, chunks are small audio segments. The audio in lessons is broken up into chunks so that they can easily be repeated by users. These chunks typically consist of between one and fifteen syllables.

In a lesson that consists of a monologue or dialogue, chunks will consist of sentences and phrases. In a learning lesson that consists of a vocabulary list, the chunks would consist of single words.

The user will typically hear chunks in both their native language and their target language. For example, a simple chunk in a Spanish-to-English learning lesson could consist of:

  1. "Thank you"
  2. (pause)
  3. "Gracias"
  4. (pause)

This entire sequence can be thought of as one chunk. "Thank you" and "Gracias" can be thought of as the audio chunks for the English and Spanish languages.


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